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Chris Girdler, Beat
'Both comforting and confronting in all its unabashed loved-up glory. A minor classic.

Con Sarazan, mX
'An emotional and intimate record with well-polished songs that seem to have been discovered from an early ’70s singer-songwriter’s basement, transcending time and fashion...recalling the splendid Iron & Wine at their best.’

Justin Grey, Time Off
'Singer-songwriter/guitarist Dan Flynn and violinist Kate Connor weave an undeniable magic...Major Chord is as delightfully soothing as it is surprising.’

Matt Thrower, Rave Magazine
“…Flynn has an uncanny ability to channel a wide range of vocalists throughout this record, like a hybrid of Neil Young, Ray Davies, Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam and Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle. Luckily, he also backs it up with warm, unobtrusive arrangements and refreshingly unforced songwriting.”

Kathryn Mahina, The Dwarf
“Flynn’s musical artistry and story telling prowess is sure to inspire and delight.”

Chris Johnston, The Age
“…Flynn, blessed with a boyish, innocent voice comes with nothing hidden or implied. These are simple urban folk songs, refreshingly so...”

Daniel Wynne, Time Off

Flynn is, simply put, an amazing songwriter.

Rory McCartney, BMA Magazine

It's a great package, with Dan Flynn's mellow voice, minimal instrumentation cunningly combined to produce an entrancing melody, home-spun wisdom about life that has a real ring of truth to it and a liberal use of black humour.

Daniel Wynne - Time Off
‘mature, elegant and fiercely intelligent pop record. Flynn is, simply put, an amazing songwriter... ****1/2

Monika Laskowski, dB Magazine
‘Flynn's clever lyrical structures are second to none. People say they don't write songs like that anymore, but this here is proof that they do.'
Monika Laskowski, dB Magazine

Kathryn Mahina - THEDWARF.COM.AU
‘...Flynn’s musical artistry and story telling prowess is sure to inspire and delight.'

Damien Hall - TNT Magazine
‘..I’ve listened to the Rabbit Hole every day for about 5 weeks… Aussie or not folks this is seriously good stuff.’