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Peace Love & Unity

Afro Dizzi Act
Peace Love & Unity

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Afro Dizzi Act

Welcome Speech

Afro Dizzi Act
Welcome Speech

Scene Magazine 25.11.09
As one of Brisbane/ Nth NSW’s most active and wildly talented funk collectives, Afro Dizzi Act have been forging a path through Afrobeat, dub, and heavy funk for more than a decade, bringing a ton of good vibes to the masses over the years. Since hooking up with Senegalese Kora master and vocalist Jali Buba Kuyateh four years ago, they have headed deeper into the heart of Africa, and this is reflected on their latest release, ‘Peace Love & Unity’. A brilliant live band, Afro have captured their vibe perfectly here - anyone who caught them at Island Vibe can attest to their power. This is true Afrobeat, strongly influenced by masters such as Fela Kuti - layers of simple rhythm cascade and mesh together to form a hypnotic and, overall, complex beast of a sound that can’t fail to get feet tapping and heads nodding. Throughout tracks like ‘Toubabau’ and ‘The Pilgrem Returns’, there is a sunny, heady vibe that just screams authentic, good time summer music. The rhythm section (OJ Newcombe and Mark Henman) is bedrock, keeping the whole band nailed down with finesse and feeling throughout, while Sol Carrol and Zig Zaggs provide the melody and flourish. Marcello jumps up for a suitably infectious wail on ‘Do You Love’, and the overall impression is that this is a band completely hitting their straps in terms of confidence, knowledge and musicality.
There is a bonus disc available with a pile of dope remixes from the album. Afro Dizzi Act are an essential part of the musical landscape up here - this release says they’ll be around for a long time.

Scene Magazine. Live Review 2009
It was Afro Dizzi Act who took the cake for best vibe - the lads were shining bright that night, revelling in the atmosphere, jamming things out beautifully with Jali Buba out front. This is the perfect setting for their improvised, good-time funk, and a fine way to wrap up my first Island Vibe.
Island Vibe Gig Review. 4th Nov. 2009

Lucky Oceans, Radio National 2009

Sarah Howells, Triple J Radio
PEACE, LOVE & UNITY' # 9 ROOTS 'n' ALL TRIPLE J TOP 10 ROOTS ALBUMS of 2009. (as voted by JJJ Listeners) hosted by Sarah Howells.

Nathan Oldfield www.freefilms.com.au

Afro Dizzi Act & their new album 'Peace Love & Unity' is pure epicness. Our kids have been dancing to it all week.

Alan Lander, Sunshine Coast Daily 2010
DURING every Woodford Folk Festival, the word goes out about one or two truly outstanding acts in attendance. This year, popular band Afro Dizzi Act has been the one wowing the crowds in their thousands.

Gavin Sawford - Editor. Rave & Street Press

“Afro's rhythmic jams have become the stuff of inner city legend. 

They manage to combine a natural approach to their music with a deadly precision when it 

comes to both arrangement and instrumentation."