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Paris Pompour - Sydney Morning Herald Review

"Memorable singers all have one thing in common; a unique voice.
Sydney's Liz Martin is no exception, though she is exceptional..." 

Chris Peken - City Hub

"Leaping forth from the myriad of acoustic singer-songwriters is this
distinctive voice of cultivated electro pop, electronica and blues...
this more than worth your time". 

Stephen Ferris - FBi 94.FM

"from play one... I felt an instant connection and obviously I was not
alone, every spin on FBi provoked listener response, which I can
assure is not the norm..." 

Paul Mac

... so fantastic, her voice has to be heard. Idiosyncratic and quirky … what I love
about her voice is the honesty... 

The Brag - Indie Album

Liz Martin's debut album is atmospheric in the best possible way...  
Folktronica in the truest sense of the word...

Christian Brimo, The Brag Magazine, 2005

She's turned out an album of cool electronica that makes Sydney proud it fills the air with a chilled, sexy rhythm that turns even the most boring workplace into an upscale smelling slightly of red wine and handsome European men. This is folktronica in the truest sense of the word.