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Live at Blue Birdy

Jo Jo Smith
Live at Blue Birdy

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Standing In The Lovelight

Jo Jo Smith
Standing In The Lovelight

Peter Merrit - Announcer for PBS 106-7 FM

Greetings Jo Jo, bravo bravo on your cd, a wonderful mix that has beautiful textures, highs and lows coloring a music inspired palette. From a Gospel tinged start you certainly shine the light on a performance throughout that is a journey in itself, a journey of discovery about Jo Jo Smith. I have allocated your cd to the wonderful legend around here Helen Jennings for her show “Roots Of Rhythm” Wednesday 9 to 11am, so suited for her show it is as if you recorded it just for her show. Your own compositions have a breathe of fresh air about them and they sit comfortably with the inimitable Sam Cooke and Leonard Cohen . Your album is unpretentious but serious in its endeavor and intention. Entertaining and relevant in a world of irrelevant music. Simplicity in art but a jewel in music…..We enjoy your cd immensely Jo Jo and congratulate on your beautiful honest style.

Billy Pinnell, Radio Programmer / Presenter / Writer

Since her arrival in Australia in the late 70's, New Zealand born Jo Jo Smith has cemented her place among the nations most gifted and admired singer / songwriter / musicians.
Her greatness manifests itself in various ways. An understanding of the nuances integral to the various genres she explores. Gospel, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Blues, Latin, Pop. An emotional involvement in the lyrics she writes and interprets, eg Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", "Damn Your Eyes" by Etta James on Jo Jo's latest album recorded Live @ The Blue Birdy in Byron bay.
An elastic voice demure one minute, tough and decisive the next and a technique that's in perfect sync with the numerous A-list musicians she has been associated with throughout her career.
She has a special stage presence that special singers possess. No histrionics, just a palatable connection with audience and musicians.
Listen to Jo Jo's recording, go see her in performance, experience the artistry of this exceptional woman

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