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4 Star Review, 3D World
Released alongside Sydney's 49th Film Festival, Silent Soundtracks pays tribute to those 'silent' and often forgotten musical backdrops that have accompanied some of this country's greatest film achievements. As well as this, it also recognises the impact that soundtrack music has had. The result is 16 gorgeously cinematic tracks that are often bleak and minimal, yet deeply emotive. Forget the theme to Spider-man, or the great Titanic ballads, this is music by musicians for films loved by the buffs. Margaret and David would be proud."

DVD Now Magazine

Looking for a composer to score your film? Then you've come to the right place.

4 Star Review, Filmink Magazine

Like most exciting projects, Silent Soundtracks is a ricky gamble that pays off. It's a bold move, but Silent Soundtracks plays seamlessly, with the tracks gliding into each other to create one long mood piece that fits together perfectly. An admirable and daring success story.


4 star review, Empire Magazine

A showcase rather than a straightforward compilation. Buy it and you'll have the privilege of being the first to encounter Australia's next generation of film composers.