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Jumping On The Highwire

The Perch Creek Family Jug Band
Jumping On The Highwire

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Tall Tales

The Perch Creek Family Jug Band
Tall Tales

Official Release March 19th 2014

“Definitely a band to keep an eye out for during 2014” [Blank GC Magazine]

The Perch Creek Family Jugband announce the arrival of their second studio album Jumping On The Highwire, set for release on Wed 19 Mar through Vitamin Records, introducing the world to a sound the group call “psychedelic jug band” - steam-powered roots music plugged into 3,000 volts of inner city creative energy and a fearless spirit that makes Jumping On The Highwire sparkle with individuality.

With this record, the band invite listeners to dive through the rabbit hole, jump into a ready-to-race pink Cadillac and take a whirlwind ride into a never-ending landscape of bizarre and colourful characters and eye-widening sights, where things are never really as they seem.

The songwriting process behind this all-original release saw The Perch Creek Family Jugband collaborating more closely than ever before, sharing the lyric writing between all five members, often line by line; a method that unlocked unbridled inventiveness, allowing song fragments to swirl and morph into unexpected and distorted tales. Conjuring up talking tigers and whispering monkeys; broken typewriters and strange moons; the imaginations of the band soon saw a cast of characters emerge from the bottom of the deep blue sea, bringing with them heights of fun, diversity and maturity not previously scaled before. The creative musings of five contrasting yet complimentary personalities in the band have found a common focal point, drawing it all together to reflect the energetic and dynamic experience of a Perch Creek Jugband live show.

Production-wise, the album is a layer cake of tremolo guitar, driving Wurlitzer, electric vibraphone and harmonies as lush as rainforest floors, skirting genres and gliding beautifully from bad-ass soul in the upbeat Casio keyboard-driven lead single ‘Where You Been’, to the powerful, uplifting ballad ‘The Great Unknown’.

The Perch Creek Family Jugband — who have appeared everywhere from ABC's Spicks & Specks to The Sydney Opera House, as well as on extensive tour and major festival appearances across Australia, Europe and the UK [Edinburgh Fringe, The Green Man, The Falls Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Golden Plains] — stand to be counted with Jumping On The Highwire. Promising high energy shows and larger than life characters, the album tour rips around the country on one last run of Australian shows before a three month tour of Europe, the UK and Canada.

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