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Take Me Out! - Digital Single

Rebecca Ireland
Take Me Out! - Digital Single

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Wild Bear EP

Rebecca Ireland
Wild Bear EP

Love And Stickytape

Rebecca Ireland
Love And Stickytape

Released Tuesday 10th April 2012

Wielding an electric guitar and the shards of a broken heart, singer songwriter Rebecca Ireland takes a crack at the dark side of domestic bliss in her fun and crunchy new single, 'Take me out!'. This tune is sweet, raw and slightly fruity, declaring love to be a killer and truth to be a dare!

Rebecca's performance is vulnerable, brave and free and makes for an interesting follow up to her debut Album, 'Love & Sticky Tape' (ABC Nth Coast album of the week), released last year through Vitamin, proving this emerging artist to be a talented and eclectic writer complete with tasty vocals and quirky guitar grooves. 'Take me out!' was written and arranged by Rebecca and recorded and produced by Christian Pyle (Acre & Ghost Mountain), who plays many of the instruments featured on the track including the umbira (african thumb piano) and the castanets.

'Take me out!' has a dark pop/rock sound that almost doesn't quite deliver, leaving a delicious hunger that yearns to be set free; just like it's mother!

Check out the video for ‘Take Me Out’ here.
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Glenn Wright - Mullumbimby Music Festival Director

'There was a warmth from the audience towards Rebecca that cannot be manufactured'

Marika Bryant, ABC Arts Hub.

'Rebecca's original, poetic and lyrical slant on life is inspirational and poignant'