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A Great Day For The Race

A Great Day For The Race

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Official Release date April 6th 2012

From Melbourne, Australia, Flap! make music that sounds both old and new...

Whether playing to thousands, bringing in the new year on the Grand Stage at The Woodford Folk Festival, or inspiring a room full of punters to take off all their clothes and dance at Fitzroy’s Bar Open – Flap! are a band who live for life and love to party; listeners can’t help but loose themselves in all the fun.

Their long-awaited second album “A Great Day For The Race” sounds exactly as it should; songs which deal with the universal human themes of love, death and drunkenness in ways that are often surprising and intelligent, but always uplifting. 

Influenced by the 1920’s prohibition-era dance bands but with a hip modern groove, Flap! are a good times party band made up of kick arse musicians. Jess Guille’s vocals are honey-sweet, while Eamon McNelis’ trumpet playing is a riot of colour and rhythm.   

‘A Great Day For The Race’ is high energy, charming, intoxicating and fun.From the crack of their first notes to the rapture of their final chorus; so long as Flap! is playing you can be sure it’s going to be a great day for the race. Which race? The human race.

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