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Blood Thinner

Jordie Lane
Blood Thinner

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Not Built To Last EP

Jordie Lane
Not Built To Last EP

Fool For Love - (Digital Single)

Jordie Lane
Fool For Love - (Digital Single)

Lovers Ride

Jordie Lane
Lovers Ride

Sleeping Patterns

Jordie Lane
Sleeping Patterns

Released July 15th 2011

Melbourne’s Jordie Lane returns from an extended stint in the U.S. to release his second album, Blood Thinner.  To celebrate its impending release on Friday, July 15th (Vitamin Records), Jordie is thrilled to announce a national tour with more than 20 dates across our great big land in July and August.

After spending much of the last year baking in the Californian desert, Jordie Lane’s second LP takes a sharp and unique turn away from his critically acclaimed studio debut, Sleeping Patterns.  Completely stripped back to the bare bones of recording techniques, the tracks on Blood Thinner were captured between a remote desert motel room, a basement and, finally, a bleeding hot garage in Eagle Rock, LA.

Responsible for almost every sound on the recording, Jordie creates some truly unique sounds using everything from kitchen utensils, wine glasses, boxes and banjo skins, and even a fan-powered harmonium found on the side of the highway for $10.

Co-produced and mixed by multi Grammy Award winner Tom Biller, (Beck, Kanye West, Karen O), and mastered by Grammy award winner Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering, Hollywood, Blood Thinner is a record that travels across landscapes with gospel choirs, near-techno beats, campfire folk songs, bluegrass and West-coast country.  It’s the journey of a lonesome traveller dealing with such heavy themes as anxiety, betrayal, guilt and sinning.   Drifting between the lines of love and money, and always staying true to Jordie’s storytelling prowess.


Click here to watch "On The Road To Room 8 (with Jordie Lane)

Filmed by Tim Anastasi

"When I first landed in America I knew I needed a purpose... After a short  stay in LA I found myself on the road again headed towards Joshua Tree,  the spiritual home of the late Cosmic Country King, Gram Parsons. This  is a short tale of my journey there, and a little insight into what lit a fire  inside me to unexpectedly make my second solo album 'Blood Thinner". 

-Jordie Lane

Click here to watch Jordie Lane and his band perform exclusively for The Age at The Wick rehearsal studios in Brunswick.

Click here to watch the Official Video for 'Not From Round Here'

Directed by newcomer Darius Devas and shot in Northern NSW, “Not From Round Here” once again features Lane torching a perfectly good guitar... 

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“Evokes the subtle moments of being human,” reads the description of Jordie Lane‘s recent clip single Not From Round Here from new album Blood Thinner. Truer words were nev...more

“…lovers of well-crafted acoustic songs will find something to love here” 


“Lane has a knack for saying only what’s needed and…provides a unique appeal with every one of his songs” more

Inpress (Live Review)

“One of Lane’s greatest strengths is his voice….[his] writing has plenty of depth and maturity for such a young musician.” 

Inpress (Live Revie...more

“Channelling Parsons, Springsteen and Van Zandt, Lane is an exceptional talent.
MAG – 4 stars


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Recorded in the US on a Tascam 4 track Porta-Studio Cassette Machine (very old school recording style kids), with all instruments including guitar, banjo, kitchen utensils, wine glasses, box...more

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From the plaintive opening plucks of Jordie Lane’s second album, Blood Thinner, you get the immediate whiff of distinction. You know those rare recordings that offer an inexplicable tone ...more

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