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Dance A Little, Live A Little

Liz Martin
Dance A Little, Live A Little

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Dance A Little, Live A Little - Digital Single

Liz Martin
Dance A Little, Live A Little - Digital Single

Night Music

Liz Martin
Night Music

Beneath The Stars

Liz Martin
Beneath The Stars

Indie songstress Liz Martin has the kind of voice†that makes you want to lean in close – a deep, lush, beautiful sound. It’s a voice and talent that’s earned her a gold record†with Paul Mac, tour spots with Sigur Ros, Silverchair and The Black Keys and the long-standing respect and admiration of Sydney’s underground electronic†scene. 

Now after many months spent exploring warm 60s & 70s sounds and working with some of Sydney’s finest musicians Liz Martin is releasing her stunning third album Dance a Little, Live a Little – hot on the heels of her super catchy single of the same name which has been bouncing its way onto our radios.

In a sweet spot between pop, folk and jazz Liz Martin has found a poetic groove with a remarkable collection of songs that reference Glam rock, Hebrew melodies, New†Orleans big bands, Parisian noir thrillers and sci-fi romanticism. Ranging from sophisticated pop to playful instrumentals and tender ballads Dance a Little, Live a Little has the special lustre that comes from real performances rather than the cutting and pasting of formula pop. Inspired arrangements featuring brass, reeds and strings rise over a bedrock of piano, bass and drums.

“I wanted to write more playfully - to escape and dream as well as purge some emotional angst. Over a long period of exile I wrote and recorded in my room. I played the parts in myself and sang little horn lines. By the end of it I was very ready to hang out with some real people. And real musicians! I wanted to let the songs loose.” 

A departure from her two previous albums (Beneath The Stars, Night Music) Dance a Little, Live a Little delivers a new, mature sound guided by the fresh open arrangements and co-production of local bass meister Dave Symes (Sleepy Jackson, Sarah Blasko, Missy Higgins) and features Hamish Stuart (drums), Stu Hunter (keys), Veren Grigorov (violin/viola), Dirk Kruithof (guitar) and Mr Percival (guest vocals on an excellent cover of Bowie’s ‘Sound and Vision’).

A brilliant and tender album full of honesty, lightness and humour Liz Martin proves that a little bit of dancing can come from a whole lot of living. 


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