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Someone Elses Child

Hamish Stuart
Someone Elses Child

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For all his aptitude, accomplishment and love for the instrument, Hamish Stuart is always playing the music rather than the drums. Long may I look at a concert bill and have my eyes light up when I see Hamish Stuart's name.”
John Shand, - The Sydney Morning Herald and author of Jazz - The Australian Accent.

There aren’t many styles drummer Hamish Stuart hasn’t mastered, and the list of musicians he’s played with and who are now his fans is even longer. Now, with his first ‘solo’ album ‘Someone Else’s Child’ Hamish Stuart proves he has a gift for composition as well. As Australia’s much-loved and respected ‘rhythm king’, Hamish called upon an extraordinary family of world class musicians to help out with this project including Chris Abrahams, Dave Symes, Ben Hauptmann, the late Jackie Orszaczky, Tina Harrod and Phil Slater among many others. A gorgeous exploration of texture and mood ‘Someone Else’s Child’ is testament to one of Australia’s greatest, and most humble, musical talents.

“This project started with a phone call from Shane Fahey suggesting I take some recording time at Megaphon Studios in return for some equipment rental that had been accruing. This was followed by another suggestion from my good friend and long-time rhythm section partner Dave Symes to in fact write some music of my own.

Write music.....of my own...

Really what you hear here is some simply sketched musical ideas and a strong understanding between the musicians of what I was trying to produce. I am truly grateful for their interpretation and their care.

The first session took place on the 25th of February, 2003, just after the invasion of Iraq. Someone Else's Child was the first tune I brought to the studio. Jackie Orszaczky- after being asked to sing the melody with Tina Harrod- wrote the words, and brought them to the session. From then until the last session on the 12th of January 2008, a lot has happened in my life and those closest to me.

For me the music speaks of this time... perhaps like looking through a photo album of the recent past. And you? I hope this music resonates for you in one way or another.”

Hamish Stuart (2010)


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John Shand - Sydney Morning Herald September 2010
Rivulets of water would have worn away rock in the gestation period of this album.

For 35 years, Hamish Stuart has been one of Australia's grooviest drummers across most styles. His work ha...more