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The Tealeaves

The Tealeaves
The Tealeaves

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No More Can You Be Here

The Tealeaves
No More Can You Be Here

The Tealeaves sound is inspired by the era of the great singer-songwriters, including Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel and Don McLean. Their music overflows with melody, harmony and lyrical honesty, and has been described as heart wrenching to say the least. James, the original leaf, gathered the group together in 2008 to prepare and record their self-titled debut album with eminent producer and engineer, Hadyn Buxton. Traversing a wide range of musical styles, their songs range from harmony filled wall-of-sound band tracks to intimate, melancholy indie-pop.

In only their first year, The Tealeaves have already received industry acclaim, having been invited to appear at a number of major international Music Festivals, including Queenscliff and Port Fairy, and appear destined to become a mainstay in the Australian Music Festival community. With a style that is instantly familiar yet entirely unique, The Tealeaves have crafted a sound that you will want to revisit again and again.


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Kate O'Reilly, thescene.com.au 2010
These guys and girls from Melbourne, consisting of James van Cuylenburg, Jess Wilson, Paul Davies, David Schmidt, Rochelle Bryson, David Prideaux and Jeremey Hopkins have their first Full length album...more

Bianca Carmona, The Progress Leader Feb 26 2010

THEY’VE been described as an explosion of smiles and deft musicianship’’.The indie-folk Tealeaves havemade a name for themselves since their 2008 stage debut with a unique mix o...more

Dom Allesio, Triple J
“Beautiful Stuff”

The Age EG
The Tealeaves are an irresistibly winsome local indie pop outfit recalling early Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor and even Billy Joel when writing their best stuff and firing on all acoustic cylinder...more

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“My impression is one of a very tight unit that delivers serene folk music of high order. I would think any keen music lover would enjoy the stripped back songs and vibrant, up tempo number...more

Beat Magazine (Melbourne)
“The Tealeaves’ debut album is riddled with comforting melodies and an aesthetic replete with sun and beauty… Throughout it all, James van Cuylenburg’s delicate vocals imbue t...more

BMA Magazine (Canberra)
“This collection is light, sweet as cider and crisp as a virgin paperback, with simple but very appealing melodies inspired by the pop of the ‘60s and ‘70s.”
“The so...more

Drum Media (Sydney)
“The Tealeaves have created peaceful ballads that are sentimental yet have soul, sitting somewhere east of Simon and Garfunkel via the synth-acoustic style that is their own charming and breezy ...more