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Sleeping Patterns

Jordie Lane
Sleeping Patterns

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Not Built To Last EP

Jordie Lane
Not Built To Last EP

Fool For Love - (Digital Single)

Jordie Lane
Fool For Love - (Digital Single)

Blood Thinner

Jordie Lane
Blood Thinner

Lovers Ride

Jordie Lane
Lovers Ride

Co-produced by Jeff Lang and Tim Hall, Sleeping Patterns had been brewing in the subconscious of Jordie’s mind for nearly four years, and eventually came to fruition in the winter of 2008. Recorded in little more than five days, in the open warehouse space called Adelphia in Melbourne the album is storytelling at its rawest, gutsiest, and most fragile.

Featuring guest performances by prominent roots artists Ashley Davies, Jeff Lang, Laura Jean, Liz Stringer, Garrett Costogan and Stevie Hesketh, Sleeping Patterns moves between finger pickin’ ballads, western tunes, rockin’ blues and even the odd sea shanty.

With their trusty engineer Mick Wordley behind the console, Jeff and Tim’s approach as producers was to build a sonic landscape that hung around each song’s theme and in particular Jordie’s words always at the core.  Jeff’s subtle guitar arrangements weave in and out like a friendly ghost.  Particular standouts being the understated magic of his chime like harmonics on ‘Clearer You’ll See’ and 70’s synth-like string section on ‘Walking That Way’, created with feedback slide guitar finding frequencies dependent on his body movement in the room.  Not to mention his trademark reverse tape guitar solos that rip through the song.

Jordie writes and delivers the songs with such beautiful imagery and wisdom, it’s hard to believe that most of the tracks on Sleeping Patterns were written before he  had even turned 21. This is most evident in the travel diary track ‘War Rages On’.  Equipped with mallet drums, and a quirky juxtaposed brass arrangement, Jordie sings: “They ask did I ride a kangaroo to school? I said who told you that you silly boys? They said it was one of them Yankee fools”. It goes on to encounters with ‘ladyboys’ and watching “dogs fornicating in the main street of town, like street clowns putting on a show for the crowd that surrounds”.

Then there’s the industrial working man blues of ‘Dig Straight Through’, featuring Ashley Davies on drums and Jeff Lang on bowed electric guitar, which tells of a man who tries to escape his woes by digging to the other side of the world. And rockers ‘Fell Into Me’ and ‘John W Thistle’ with real live first take energy with Steve Hesketh (ex Jet) ripping through on Wurli and Hammond. But the album displays many soft touches also with ballads ‘The Day I Leave This Town’, ‘Clearer You’ll See’, but most notably the beautiful sentiment of the stripped bare ‘I Could Die Looking At You’.

Jordie has previously released two EPs Ill Communication (2005) and Lovers Ride (2006), and over the past few years he has become a much talked about up-and-comer by the press and punters alike. Much of this would be attributed to his tireless dedication to playing live shows and festivals, but also more recently his collaboration with Canadian songwriter Tracy McNeil under the guise Fireside Bellows, who are still receiving stunning accolades for the 2008 release

No Time To Die also available through Vitamin Records. 


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Jeff Jenkins, MAG 2009

Young man, old soul. Jordie Lane is in his early 20s, but he sounds like an old-school troubadour, a man with a million stories to tell. His debut solo album follows two EPs, and an album as par...more

Simon Winkler. Triple R 2009

The debut full-length of Melbourne musician Jordie Lane, Sleeping Patterns is a captivating collection of stories sung in Jordie's arresting style, and drawing upon folk, western and other ...more

SanTCH, FasterLouder Live Review, NSC June 27, 2009

‘Who has brought a sleeping bag?’ asked Jordie Lane, as he joked about the possibility of everyone having a sleepover at the club and about stealing sandwiches from the bartenders...more

Chris Wood, The Dwarf 2009

Jordie Lane is just one of those musical oddities. He cannot be explained easily using words. The character that emerges from his music reads more than a few sentences. Listening to his contempl...more

Chris Johnston, The Age (Melbourne) Magazine

The millionth roots revival continues at a steady pace in Melbourne with this often-astonishing debut from young blues/folk singer Jordie Lane, still only 24 years old. The record was produced a...more

Patrick Donovan,The Age EG 2009

One of the most assured debut albums by a Melbourne singer-songwriter in recent memory, Jordie Lane's songwriting and voice are underpinned by a maturity that bellies his age. Lane, 25,...more

Readings Monthly, June 2009, by Dave Clarke

Not many artists can release two excellent albums in under a year. Even less can call them both debuts. Confused? Well Jordie Lane happens to be one half of The Fireside Bellows, who released th...more

Danielle O'Donohue, Drum Sydney
There are plenty of characters populating Melbourne troubadour Jordie Lane’s debut album, Sleeping Patterns; the great-great-granddaughter of Clancy of the Overflow, tin whistle player John W Th...more

Emily Heylen, dB Magazine #472

Dear Arts Victoria (and more specifically, the person who decided to fund this recording): well done. The best thing about this album is Jordie Lane's voice; a strong and beautiful voice, capable...more

BILL HOLDSWORTH, Rave Magazine 2009

Another appealing advocate of Americana Australia-style
It took Melbourne singer-songwriter four years to finally get around to his debut album, but when he did, it came quickly. Produced b...more

Fiona Laughton, Your Gigs - Jen Cloher & Jordie Lane 14 May 2010

Strolling down Sydney's Wentworth Avenue, you could be forgiven for walking straight past the Macquarie Hotel as the cover band squeezes out yet another 'Superstition' cover. But tucked awa...more

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Triple J - Like A Version May 2010
Jen Cloher and Jordie Lane team up for Like A Version, performing Jen Cloher's
'Mother's Desk' and MGMT's 'Electric Feel'. Watch the recording now...


Rod Yates, Rolling Stone Magazine 2009

Having spent the past four years building a reputation as an emerging folk talent, Jordie Lane's debut album may well come to be regarded as one of the most assured ever by a local artist. ...more

Sam Fell, Tsunami Mag 2009

Let’s cut to the chase right here – the debut LP from Melbourne based songster, Jordie Lane, is an absolute cracker, and in fact, I’ll go out on a limb here and say that t...more

Martin Jones, Rhythms Magazine 2009

Jordie Lane confirms his reputation as one of this country's brightest new roots music stars with a long overdue debut album.