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Sol Train

Band Of Frequencies
Sol Train

Rise Like The Sun

Band Of Frequencies
Rise Like The Sun

Free Again - Digital Single

Band Of Frequencies
Free Again - Digital Single

'Sol Train', the self published debut album by ‘Band Of Frequencies’, introduced the bands sound to the Californians when they were invited to play at the ‘Cosmic Creek surf festival’ in Salt Creek, Orange County in May 2006, a cosmic trip that had a lasting effect on the band and listeners alike.

The album was mostly recorded at Airlock Studio’s over three days, with additional tracking done at Low Pressure Sound Studio’s. It also features two tracks from the ‘Life Like Liquid’ surf film recording sessions. One of those is a version of the legendary Jimi Hendrix and the Band of Gypsies track ‘Who Knows’ with Australian blues artist Ash Grunwald on vocals and guitar, Terepai Richmond on Drums (King Tide, d.i.g), James Cox and Dave Rastovich on percussion.

The record is dedicated to Dylan Clarke with track 5, ‘Dylan’s Wings’ being a highlight of the recording. Dylan and Band of Frequencies lead singer/guitarist Shannon Sol R. Carroll were both children of the same band, their fathers being the rhythm section in ‘Moonstone’ who were legendary resident band at the “Patch” in Coolangatta in the early 70’s.  Dylan died tragically at the age of 19, inspiring this soaring dedication to his life and ever continuing inspiration. 

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Chris Cote, Transworld Surf USA

The Band Of Frequencies sound was a spiritual mix between vintage Santana and Xavier Rudd or something. All I know is that I, along with the rest of the fans in attendance w...more

Ash Grunwald

Band Of Frequencies are consummate musos, who don’t mind a good jam! They can effortlessly glide between grooves, flavours, melodies...even colours for that mat...more


The grooves and beats on this album are second to none. They are funky, yet they still display a bit of chill. Although the album is heavy on the instrumental side, the...more

US Surfing Magazine

Kicking off with bluesy grooves that have your body moving like an interpretive dancer, the album gradually melts into soothing Zen like instrumentals from a parallel universe. The cu...more

Michael McFadin, co-founder Ubiquity Records

Cyrus Sutton and I are S-T-O-K-E-D to be working with Band of Frequencies, their music crosses all genres in a very effective way. Sol Carroll’s guitar tones are the sh*t and th...more

Dave Atkins. Wolfmother. Resin Dogs.

If Hendrix was a keen surfer I’m sure he would have asked these boys to be in his backing band at one stage or another.


Rave magazine, Island Vibe Festival review

Rocking a mind blowing mix of blues, reggae and jazz are Byron Bay's Band of Frequencies.

Georgie Hannon USM events

You guys were one of the best live acts seen in Noosa ever, so thank you for your awesome sets and sounds.

Cyrus Sutton. Emmy Award winning film maker

The Band of Frequencies are a collective of musicians hailing from Byron Bay, Australia whose heavy grooving tapestry of rock, soul and ambient acoustics explore the inner-most reache...more

Tim Baker - Surfing World

Sorting the wheat from the chaff, as the term “surf musician” gets flogged to within an inch of its life

Far from dead, as the late great Jimi Hendrix once proclaimed...more

Travis Ferre (US SURFING Magazine)

"Prepare to have your musical thirst quenched. Byron Bay's Band of Frequencies dabbles in the whole pallet of musical genres; Bluesy rock drips away into skull-melting lullabies that pitter-pat...more