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Black  Across The Field

Lucie Thorne
Black Across The Field

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Everything Sings Tonight

Lucie Thorne
Everything Sings Tonight

The Rushing Dark (Single)

Lucie Thorne
The Rushing Dark (Single)

Bonfires In Silver City

Lucie Thorne
Bonfires In Silver City

Where Night Birds Call

Lucie Thorne
Where Night Birds Call

The Bud

Lucie Thorne
The Bud

Botticelli Blue Eyes

Lucie Thorne
Botticelli Blue Eyes

Described as “Australia’s PJ Harvey… possessing the punch of Cat Power and the wise words of Joni Mitchell” (Courier Mail), Lucie Thorne has earned her place as one of the most striking lyricists and voices of Australian contemporary song. Her latest release, Black Across The Field, has garnered extraordinary attention from the country's leading critics, including being awarded ‘Best Roots Album of 2009’ in The Sydney Morning Herald, and was Short Listed for the prestigious Australian Music Prize. 

Black Across The Field combines Thorne’s spacious, gritty rock n roll, and startlingly original dark-folk, with that signature warmth and intimacy for which her live shows have become so renowned.

“Without exaggeration Black Across The Field is as good as anything I’ve heard this year. Growling with warm tube overdrive, stinging like Neil Young… this is a diverse, profound album, with nuances subtle and breathtaking” (Martin Jones, Rhythms Magazine)

"This is one of the finest female vocal albums released by an Australian in the last few years. The whole album - from her band, to production, to the songs - is first-rate...make the effort to seek this fine album out". (Readings Monthly)

"This gentle chanteuse has delivered quiet perfection. There is such an intensity of feeling here ...moody folk, country noir...a collection of stories that speaks small but resonates much bigger. One of the finer albums of the year so far...Thorne marks out her space with some fabulous sensuality." (Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald)

"Thorne's songs are exquisite miniatures of distilled emotion, her melodies and harmonies are sublime, and the way she pits grinding guitars against that ethereal, sensual voice is like watching a thunderstorm in the distance. By turns dark and tender, Black Across The Field is a beautiful album." (David Curry, The Canberra Times)

Like the best writers, Thorne uses her songs to distil the poetic from the everyday, and each new song opens onto an unlikely world of characters and emotions. From the dark childhood visions of Alice underpinned by swelling rock guitars, the hopeful girl-in-the-crowd dreaminess of When The Lights Go Down, through to the melodic pop defiance of The Basic Rules, Thorne’s songs are compelling in their intimacy. It’s this breadth and depth of writing that makes Black Across The Field feel a little like a favourite book: the moment you finish, you want to read it again from the beginning. And throughout these narratives there’s that voice – a voice that draws you in, and makes you lean closer. As Bernard Zuel (SMH) writes, this is a voice of “languidness and urgency” that bristles with undeniable authenticity.

Black Across The Field was recorded during the winter and spring of 2008. After demo-ing many of the songs at home, Lucie was introduced to legendary drummer Hamish Stuart, and that’s when things started to shift. Stuart and Thorne then joined forces with bass player Dave Symes (Sarah Blasko, Missy Higgins, Sleepy Jackson) and with the three of them deciding to co-produce the album, the chemistry of Black Across The Field was born. Most of the album was tracked live in a Sydney studio in just three days. Lucie then took the sessions home to her cottage on the far south coast, and let the songs grow from there. Inspired to continue expanding her horizons, Lucie invited some of her other favourite musicians to guest on the record. To her delight, they were as keen as Stuart and Symes to be involved – resulting in stunning cameo performances by stellar heavyweights Chris Abrahams on piano, and Stephen Magnusson on guitars. The finished product is an extraordinary collaboration. The strength and substance of Thorne’s unique voice and songwriting are primary, traversing soundscapes that are as sensitive and beautiful on some tracks as they are dark and foreboding on others. Black Across The Field brings to mind the cycling sparseness and biting slow rock of Low and Sun Kil Moon, the punch and sexiness of Cat Power, and the poetic simplicity of Will Oldham.


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Martin Jones, Rythms Magazine March 2009

I jealously look at photos of Lucie Thorne's remote home on the south coast of NSW, and imagine her peace and fulfillment writing, recording and gardening, and wonder, would she even want to be a...more

Bernard Zuel - Sydney Morning Herald (March 20 2009)

Gentle chanteuse delivers quiet perfection...
There are only two people in the room when you're listening to this album: Lucie Thorne and you. There is a band (of which, more later) and co-p...more

Noel Mengel (THE COURIER MAIL March 18, 2009)
Lucie Thorne & Andrew Morris break out of the square...

The job of the artist, apart from articulating our emotions for us, is to keep on moving, finding fresh ways to express themselve...more

David Curry, The Canberra Time 2009

It's been fascinating tracing Lucie Thorne's move from the acoustic folk/pop of Botticelli Blue Eyes, through the first experiment with electric guitars on Where Night Birds Call, and now to Bla...more

Yumi Sed, Rave Magazine 2009

Fifth release from Melbourne songbird Black Across The Field was recorded, predominately, in Thorn’s home and you can hear that intimacy in each track. Utilising a close ...more

Andy Hazel, Inpress 2009

Opening with the gentle plucked swells of escapist ballad As You Find It Lucie Thorne’s understated guitar and vocal interpl...more

Sarah Howells, J MAG 2009

Lucie Thorne has a hauntingly beautiful voice – the kind of simple sound that makes you want to relax in the sunshine or go on a road trip across this great brown land of...more

Billy Pinnell, MAG 2009

Blessed by an expressive, breathy voice revealing undeniable Aussie inflections, Lucie Thorne hits the bullseye with album five. After demo-ing the material at home, Thorne j...more

Patrick Lang, dbmag

The opening track of 'Black Across The Field', As You Find It, is undoubtedly one of the loveliest songs you'll hear all year. With its brushed drums, cautious electric guitars a...more

Alison Sciascia, RTR FM 2009

Often in the depth of emotional stirrings emerge some of the most honest and touching music and this is certainly true on retrospect with Lucie Thorne’s new album Black Across the...more

Bernard Zuel, SMH 2009

LUCIE THORNE grew up in Launceston, home of David Boon and bewiskered axeman David Foster. So rather than some folk-and-rock singer-songwriter who has made one of the fine...more

Ainslie Hall, Canberra Live - 2009
Lucie Thorne has truly found her niche in the world of Australian music. A
well impressed audience sat watching, feeling special and loved by her
humble voice, regularly calling the crowd "a...more

Readings Monthly, 2009

"Largely unknown but highly talented Lucie Thorne
was raised in Tassie, lived in Melbourne for a time and
now calls the tiny hamlet of Bimbaya in the Bega Valley
(NSW) home. This n...more

Chris Peken - Alt Media Group, 2009

"It will surprise many to hear that /Black Across the Field /is
Lucie Thorne’s fifth album. Not because it doesn’t sound like an
accomplished work of an established artist, ...more

Lucie Performing on DIG Radio