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The Life Of My Time

Greg Sheehan
The Life Of My Time

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In Stores Monday 2nd February 2009

Legendary musician Greg Sheehan has long been regarded as one of the finest percussionists in Australia, yet ‘percussionist’ doesn’t’ really do justice to the kind of musician he really is. A pioneer of contemporary rhythm in Australia and with his propensity for experimentation & exploration on all sorts of instruments – tuned and un-tuned, man-made and earth-made, he is firmly in the realm of Australia’s great musical innovators.

 The Life Of My Time is Greg's debut solo album,  it is a rhythm-magician’s adventure through world rhythms, textures and unusual beats – a colour of sound the likes of which has never been heard before.

As well as unique rhythms the album also showcases a battery of unusual instruments, such as the Hang, a memerising bell-like instrument from Switzerland, Jaws Harps from Vietnam crafted from recycled war materials, Bike Horns, Kids toys, Balloons, Kitchen Utensils…This combined with more traditional percussion instruments and Greg’s incomparable tambourine creates an unforgettable experience.

“The Life Of My Time” is truly a voyage of awesome musical landscapes and eclectic rhythm, coloured by Greg’s passion for exploring rhythm around the world.


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Anje West, BEMAC

Percussionist doesn't really do justice to the kind of musician he is. With his propensity for experimentation, exploration on all sorts of instruments, tuned and un-tuned, man-made and earth-ma...more

John Shand, SMH

Predictability…. is not a word which happily cohabits with the spirited, resourceful Sheehan

Mandy Nolan, Echo

Master drummer, Greg Sheehan,  performs wild drum rhythms on more than 10 different drums from around the globe.

The beat, Tweed shire Echo

Greg Sheehan is legendary, particularly amongst fellow musicians. He is and always has been a lot more than a drummer. Early on Greg deviated from being just a kit and sticks man, and became a p...more

Jimmy Willing

This has to be seen and heard to be believed. Greg Sheehan's orchestra pit is a child's toy box and just how he gets those sounds out of kids toys no-one knows. What this man can do with a rubbe...more

Talkiní the Drum

For those of you unfamiliar with Greg Sheehan, let me simply say that
Greg is respected by the musical community as having pioneered many
exciting and magical rhythmic phenomena. He is a...more

Carlo Santone, BLUE KING BROWN
Greg Sheehan’s is one of the rare artists who continues to forge an original and exciting musical sound and culture in a world where originality is rare to come by. He’s a mast...more

John Shand, (Of Circle of Rhythm) SMH 2009

Percussionists Greg Sheehan, [ Bobby Singh and Ben Walsh, who have coalesced from diverse but overlapping musical backgrounds (ranging across jazz, Indian, African, funk and more),] can swathe th...more

Matt Hill for Village Journal, Dec 2009
In what must surely be one of the richest regions in Australia for musical prowess Greg Sheehan manages to loom large. His technical facility is immense but technique alone doesn’t make interest...more