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Ready To Listen

Jackie Orszaczky
Ready To Listen

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Deserted Downtown

Jackie Orszaczky
Deserted Downtown

Family Lore

Jackie Orszaczky
Family Lore

Over the last five years, Australian funk and soul legend Jackie Orszaczky and long-time collaborators, drummer Hamish Stuart and bassist Dave Symes have been recording their favourite tunes, both covers and Orszaczky originals, gleaned from many inspirational years gigging together.
The resulting album Ready to Listen, is a celebration of the music produced by one of Australia’s most innovative musical teams in Orszaczky, Stuart and Symes (including guest vocals from Orszaczky’s partner, Tina Harrod). This is an essential collection.
“This album is not just a snapshot or document of an evolving working band. It is the sound of a musical family. Live, real and intimate,” says Hamish Stuart.
"Playing music with Jack is like having an intimate conversation on all things life, love and politics. Not just for us as players but for the audience as well. On this record you can hear some of the things we had been talking about," says David Symes
I first started getting into the piccolo bass about fifteen years ago, and I love it. It allows you to expand into the harmonic registers that are not available on the normal bass. 
I guess, as there are no courses or literature for the instrument, every player has to work out their personal approach to it. My approach is mainly harmonic, as it comes very handy with backing myself up with vocals. You put the groove where the tune needs it to be. 
Anyway, I think a song is only really good if it can be busked on the street. With players like Dave and Hamish it’s not necessary to get anal about time, the spirit of the song takes us where it needs to be.
The tunes on this CD are some of our favourites that we have been playing over the last years, and the way we make it interesting for both ourselves and the audience is by freeing up the arrangements to suit the particular gig. Each live performance is slightly different from the others. The same applies to this recording; they are all live, one off takes, in various studios around town. 
Hope you’ll enjoy the disc. 
Regards, Jack 
January 2008 
Jackie Orszaczky, renowned bass guitarist and one of the nation's most influential band-leaders of the
past 25 years, died in early 2008 after a long illness.
Born in Hungary, Jackie learnt music as a child from the city gypsies who lived nearby. By 1974 when Jackie left for Australia, his band Syrius was drawing audiences in the tens of thousands. Once in
Australia he soon became an in-demand session bass player and band leader, fronting Marcia Hines's
band in the late 1970s. As a muso, arranger and producer he contributed to albums from artists
including the Whitlams, Tim Finn, Savage Garden, You Am I, Hoodoo Gurus, Grinspoon and Leonardo's
John Shand, Herald jazz critic, said this breadth of activity and depth of knowledge set Orszaczky
apart. "I can't think of anyone in the entire country who touched so many different musicians in so
many different ways."


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John McBeath, The Australian 2008

LEGENDARY Sydney musician Jackie Orszaczky, a mentor to many, died on February 3, aged 59, after a two-year battle with lymphoma.

Since then there have been numerous tribute concerts...more

Dan Condon, Timeoff.com.au 2009

This disc, one of two posthumous releases to be issued since legendary Australian musician/band leader/composer/arranger Jackie Orszaczky passed away early in 2008, sees him with his collaborato...more

Tim Richie, Radio National 08/09

Jackie Orszaczky was a master bass player and one of Australia’s most influential band leaders of the past quarter century. He died earlier this year after a long illness. And over the las...more

Brian Wise, Rhythms Magazine 2009

When Jackie Orszaczky passed away in Sydney on February 3 last year, Australia lost one of its most talented musicians. I suppose we can claim him as our own, after all he moved ...more

John Shand, SMH 2009

Jackie Orszaczky's final statement of his art before his death nearly a year ago is almost completely and brutally stripped down. Gone are the cunning arrangements for horns ...more