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A Heart Against Your Own

The Rational Academy
A Heart Against Your Own

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The Rational Academy

Birthed from of an explosive DIY underground in Brisbane, Australia sometime during the early moments of 2004, The Rational Academy are the epitome of shimmering avant-infused pop. With an unerring willingness to dispense with the pleasantries of expectation and convention, The Academy’s songwriting duo Benjamin Thompson and Meredith McHugh have forged a unique place in the heartland of melodic song writing, etched with glistening electronic interludes and wall of sound guitars. Their songs are replete with sweet melody, reflective lyrics and a presence that’s both engulfing and expansive for the listener.
Produced by Room40’s Lawrence English and ’s Ben Frost, UK based duo For Barry Ray and others, ‘A Heart Against Your Own’ follows on from The Rational Academy’s two, now highly collectible, seven inches, a swag of compilation appearances and projects with the likes of Japanese songstress Tujiko Noriko and Novi Split. In their time together The Rational Academy have toured extensively sharing the stage with the likes of Deerhoof (USA), Xiu Xiu (USA), Tenniscoats (Japan), Spoon (USA), Dear Nora (USA), The Blow (USA), Sarah Dougher (USA), Scout Nibblet (UK) and Australia’s Holly Throsby, Art of Fighting and more. To quote Faster Louder - "The next big thing. The ‘band. We've been told this too often before. One listen to THE RATIONAL ACADEMY and smugly you can know this time Richard Kingsmill hasn't beaten you to it!"


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Boomkat Records

Scan down the credits on this album and you'll notice more than a few familiar names: Ben Frost, John Chantler and Lawrence English are all contributors to this Brisbane ensemble's debut album. ...more

PM Masterton Audiversity, 2008

Heart Against Your Own is an excellent soundtrack to the let-down that the actual St. Patrick's Day holiday presented in the wake of the weekend, which claimed its fair share of victims and kill...more

Christine Lan, Beat Magazine 2008

After various musical projects, compilation appearances and two seven-inch releases comes The Rational Academy's long-awaited debut full-length album A Heart Against Your Own. The album's a...more

Jakeb Smith, Rave Magazine 2008

Local indie rockers and master ambient producer look inwards...

The Rational Academy have had a fairly exclusive output since their formation in 2004. A couple of 7-inch releases and ...more

Nate Shea, Tsunami Magazine, 2008

This mini-album/monster EP from Brisbane five-piece The Rational Academy creates a sound that takes current indie sensibilities and marries it with a psych-avant twist. Shimmering pop ...more

Before Hollywood, 2008

I'm sure there are people out there who thought that this would never materialise. In fact, I may have been one of them. Despite that, as unbelievable as it may seem, it has finally happene...more

brainwashed usa 2008

Every so often, something wafts my way, lands on my desk, and takes me completely by surprise. Such is the case with Brisbane's The Rational Academy and their debut CD A Heart Against You...more

Scott A Gray, Exclaim Canada 2008

Considering their band name, the Rational Academy are surprisingly scatterbrained in the stylistic cohesion of A Heart Against Your Own's seven tracks. Commencing with the kind of warm, sugar...more

J Select 2008

What makes this debut album  from this Brisbane Australia unit so brilliant is its incredible sonic diversity. One track will bath you in shimmering oscillations of quiet, distorted guitar ...more

Paul Smith, Metro SMH May 2008

Emerging from Brisbane's DIY underground scene, the five-strong Rational Academy bring an avant-garde approach to their music. Their melodic indie pop, complete with some delicate vocals, i...more