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The Bedtime Beat

The Bedtime Beat

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Lullatone are back with their latest conceptual pop masterpiece, ‘Lullatone Presents the Bedtime Beat’. This new 10 song mini album finds the duo not only perfecting their blend of self-proclaimed pajama pop but also taking it to new unchartered waters literally. The album opens with the infectious bathtime beat which features a drum solo of tapping water in a bathtub. Other interesting sounds to be found on the album includes a bed tapped to sound like a bass drum, snores cut up into hynoptic breathy drums beats, Yoshimi’s human beatbox, marching in slippers, and a full cast of toy instruments and soft sine tones intricately arranged into tiny little dazzling melodies. The album was recorded half at home and half in a music room in a Japanese Elementary school. This is both Lullatones strangest and pop album yet, and a future classic for sure.


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Josiah Hughes, 2008

Originally forming when Louisville, Kentucky-based performer Shawn James Seymour met vocalist Yoshimi Tomida in college, this Japan-based lap-pop team now has six albums full of miniature mel...more